Most frequent questions and answers
You may register by going to the Home page and scrolling down to find the “Registration Packet” and also the “Team Packet”. You may also click on the highlighted links in this answer to take you directly to the desired packet.

The program ranges from different prices, all prices are subject to change here is a break down of the tournament fees.

Player Fees $49 to $55 depending on time of payment.
Team Registration Fee $250.00

We are in the process of identifying what we can and will provide to each player. We recognize the constraints of COVID-19 and do not wish to over promise and under deliver. We can provide a competitive tournament with a quality staff that will reward quality play and quality sportsmanship. 

Each team will be placed into a bracket system and played up against uniquely matched teams (exclusive software will match teams to each other) and will enter into a Double Elimination round the break down of games won are listed:

2 – 0 (Winner Champion of Bracket)
1 – 1 (Second Place of Bracket)
0 – 2 (Last Place of Bracket)

We are accepting all invites for this year. We are changing the plans on the diner provided by the staff and instead, we are hopeful to enjoy that special night in the City with our teams. Don’t be shy, we want to enjoy the time with you as well! 

The certification day for the tournament is the Wednesday the week of Thanks Giving and will be conducted at the Game Fields. All members of the team must be present and have the following documents to check in. Any team missing players must notify the league rep. so that the rest of your team may get certified and checked in.

Birth Certificate
Leagues official Roster
Registration Packet (bring a copy with you just incase)
Team Packet (bring a copy with you just incase)
Payment receipt showing that you have been paid in full for all players and teams

The Game Fields will be announced as soon as we have the green light from the powers that be!