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Owner Operator

Chris Boudreaux

A vast background in sports and sports management at a professional level including the ownership of multiple Pro Arena Football teams, in it’s early going. Chris is a very involved Director of Pigskin Tournament and the experiences it brings to all families, players, cheer leaders and coaches, whom look forward yearly to it’s Thanksgiving Tradition it has come to mean to all in attendance. Chris is the last of the original founders, who you can find interacting with all the families and teams, being he is recognized as the face of the entire Pigskin Experience!

My relationship with all our families and kids is something I look forward to every year. I’ve seen kids that played, now coaching every year! We all experience so much together in 4 days, that it is and always will be one of the biggest and most important parts of my life.”


Bubba Boudreaux

Bubba grew up playing and loving the game just as much as his father. Like his dad, Bubba stayed with the game all the way to a professional level. Bubba played at U.N. Reno at a high level and played a few seasons with the 49ers, then the San Jose Sabercats…Football is in the blood! Bubba participates in a very, “connected to all players” function by hands on technique coaching and clinics. He emails individual players, advising kids approaching their teen years on what to expect going into High School and what sports at a higher level looks. Christopher also helps mentor on how to secure scholarships as they prepare to exit and most valuable what NOT to do! Countless young lives have had his influence in direction and shapes of the men they are today.

Make sure dad I get to sit with the kids this year that need me, and that you think might not be headed where they should be”- Bubba Bourdeaux -We at Pigskin strongly encourage you to reach out to Christopher Jr., and watch the difference he can make in your future!


Jackson Clay

Jackson has a life filled with sports and management. He played all through college and lasted 1-½ seasons in the Arena league before his body, and his wife decided he was done. Since the last professional snap, Jackson has been involved with several recreational leagues and youth leagues. If he wasn’t doing sales and marketing, he was reffing or sneaking his way on a team! As in most cases Jackson was drawn to Pigskin by the energy and chance to be a part of something better than just X’s and O’s, or making money. He sees the bigger picture and the need for him to be involved for himself; with the hopes his additions will add to the tradition and experience of the teams, players, coaches, sponsors and families.

Jackson brings an aggressive new breath into the sails of Pigskin; his addition should bring together some local companies and deeper relationship building between our staff and our customers. Don’t worry about finding Jackson out there, he will find you and introduce himself!

I hate that winning has clouded the measurement of a sporting experience. Some of my best lessons and growths were generated out of a loss. Let’s make sure we ALL play, we all get better and if we win….well great, I’ll take a trophy too

The Glue/Operation

Chants Bourdeaux

Chants grew up playing and excelling in football, motorsports and music. While he is comfortable being one of the least recognized faces of the tournament, he is certainly one of the most important. From grounds supervisor to employment supervision, crowd flow, award presentations, employee meetings and conflict resolution…..he wears a lot of hats. Chants is and will always be the glue we need guarding the Pigskin name and experience.

“Just give me a hat to wear this year and I’ll hire the staff to make it sure it’s Pigskin worthy.”

The Ground Hog

Christian Boudreaux

Christian is the youngest of the family and has probably been seen by all who have participated in the past. Christian works around the clock at the tournament and can always be seen working hard in his John Deer Gator. Christan was born a little different and he will always remind us of the kids and why we work so hard to protect them, the families and this tournament. This is why we do what we do!

Take time to say hi to Christian, you’ll be happy you did!


Trevor Mesnik

Director of security and First Aid

Jeff Rutheford

Utah Liason. 12 year veteran of PigskinTournaments and other large events.